in the beginning of 2016 Church of the Ascension of the Lord built in 1775 belongs among the smallest in Snina region. It is a three spaces log with only one tower of columned construction. Its special feature is sheathed log from exterior and plastering the walls with lime inside the temple. Incorrectly executed repairs of roof and tower in 1936 were later the cause of its bad condition and almost destruction. Complete restoration of the temple began in 2013 – the static ensuring and change of destroyed beams was realized as well as change of shingle roof instead of tin roof. The five rows precious iconostasis from the 18th century with an unusual number of twenty-four icons of the row of prophets and also the throne are in the deposit of the Greek Catholic Archbishop’s Office in Prešov, since their restoration in 2009. Due to the emergency condition of the temple in the past, the three bells from the tower were placed into a wooden belfry near the brick temple.
In the beginning of 2016  were realised the following works in frame of the project “Restoration of wooden churches, improvement of infrastructure of the Icon Cycloroute”: exchange of shingle roofing of the tower, new coat of the roof, repair of external cladding, internal plaster and floors, new electricity and signalisation devices.

Photos from the realization of works:

In the church is installed the exposition “Icons of Zemplin” focused on icons of Byzantine type. Thanks to the photo reproductions of originals the visitors can see the rare icons of Zemplin from the 15th and 16th century thereof originals are in many museums and galeries of Slovakia.

Contact for visitors:

Mgr. Vladislav Marčák +421 911 812 175,