The Church of St. Michael the Archange was built at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries – the literature refers mostly to the years 1650 and 1700. Originally it was located in the lower end of the village. In 1780 it was transferred to the current place. The temple with a log structure on a low stone foundation has three spaces. Its massive roof in the shape of a truncated pyramid is ended just by one tower. The three bells from the tower are currently in the bricked temple. The iconostasis from the 18th century architecture has four rows. It shines with its variety of colours. Royal doors with two wings are adorned with six medallions, the deacon doors are without wings. Especially notable is the icon Deesis on the banister of the choir. Another rare icon of the Last Judgment is in a museum in Svidnik. In the narthex of the temple there is an exposition since 2012, about the history of the Greek Catholic Church and its priest Alexander Duchnovic – a significant Rusyn awakener who was born in Topola and worked there.

In frame of the project “Restoration of wooden churches, improvement of infrastructure of the Icon Cycloroute” are realized the mechanical cleaning of shingle roof, external walls of the log as well as the interior, renewal of impregnating coatings against fungi, insects and mold.

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